My Blog Has Been Retired


I’ve finally retired the content from my old blog. It’s been years since I added anything to it, much of the content is dated, and the annual domain renewal costs for are getting to be too expensive.

Was it all just so much garbage, to be thrown out?

No, I’ve preserved Subnetting is Fun (as well as its associated Subnetting Quiz) and Tuning TCP for High Bandwidth-Delay Networks, two articles I felt were genuinely useful. They can be found under this domain,, which is far less expensive to keep around and I will use for the foreseeable future.

I really want to read about your “Water Heater Disaster” and see photos from your delicious “Chicken Dinner” article, can I still find them?

Yes, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine never forgets, you can find those articles and other gems archived there.